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Sony camera's

Standards redefined

For a new generation of creators
With groundbreaking performance in both still and movie recording, the α7 IV is the ideal hybrid, providing breathtaking imagery along with on-the-spot delivery and distribution. The α7 IV is a camera designed to bring to life the artistic visions of today's creators.

Basic has never been this good
Prepare to be inspired. The α7 IV's true-to-life resolution and remarkable AI-powered autofocus complement a range of world-class features at the cutting edge of imaging technology. 

Evolution of resolution

The α7R V features a new dedicated AI processing unit for improved subject recognition and remarkable still image quality resolution.

Whole new level of camera intelligence
State-of-the-art AI processing uses detailed information about human forms and postures to dramatically improve the camera's subject recognition accuracy1 and make full use of its potential resolution. Also, subject recognition has been expanded to include a number of new subject types, including vehicles and insects.

Grab the best of life

Despite its compact size and light weight, the α6400 delivers speedy performance and a range of features you'd expect from a full-frame model. Whether you're taking still shots or movies, creative compositions or everyday selfie shots, you'll enjoy beautiful images that you'll want to share, on the go.

Unleash your creative potential with high-level performance and advanced features such as AI-powered Real-time Eye AF; new, high-precision Real-time Tracking; high-speed continuous shooting and 4K HDR (HLG) movie-shooting. 

Capture your world

Real-time Eye AF for animal is now available for movie with software update

With the new version software, Real-time Eye AF for animal is available when shooting movie. By setting the camera's subject detection type to "Animal" in advance, you can automatically detect and track an animal's eyes, for greater success in both photos and movies of your pets at home.

Sony SEL90M28G

High resolution plus gorgeous bokeh
The first E-mount medium telephoto macro lens with built-in image stabilization delivers outstanding G Lens quality: stunning resolution at up to 1:1 magnification plus gorgeous background bokeh when required, even when shooting handheld. A floating focus mechanism ensures that consistently superior optical performance is achieved at all focusing distances.

Renowned G Lens background bokeh
Each lens is individually tested and calibrated to minimize spherical aberration so that the smoothest, most visually pleasing bokeh is achieved.

Image-wide clarity from macro to infinity
A compact floating focus mechanism maintains consistently superior optical performance throughout the image at any focusing distance.

Precise, quiet focus for stills and movies
Dual DDSSM (Direct Drive Super Sonic wave Motor) drive systems position the heavy focus element groups required for full frame macro photography quickly, precisely, and quietly.

Sharp and clear without a tripod
The first α-series macro lens with built-in image stabilization makes it possible to shoot sharp macro images handheld.

Godox Dental Flash

Godox MF-R76S+

Compatible with Sony TTL and optimized for dental photography, the MF-R76S+ Dental Macro Ring Flash from Godox delivers an adjusted, improved performance for dental shootings. It illuminates teeth in every direction with a soft and even light, eliminating unwanted vignetting and shadows.

The Perfect Tool for Esthetic Dentistry
Leveraged years of experience and technology in lighting industry, Godox keeps offering photographers in various fields professional lighting tools that enhance their business. Through rigorous tests and refinements, we are proud to present the MF-R76S+, the dedicated dental ring flash for Sony cameras, and the perfect lighting tool for esthetic dentistry.

Sony collaboration
Godox has teamed up with the Sony in Europe to offer a more comprehensive dental solution to dentists. A complete Dental Photography Solution is now available. The MF-R76S+ is seamlessly compatible with Sony cameras A7M4, A7R5, A6400, and ZV-E10 when matched the renowned macro lens FE90MM (SEL90M28G). A combination that will maximize the advantages of both the camera and flash, offering dentists a complete system that enhances the workflow.

Godox MF12-DK1

MF12-DK1 is a set of 2 macro flashes with accessories, optimized for dental photography. This kit includes two MF12 flash heads, which allow you to photograph subjects at very close range. In addition to a dedicated transmitter, the kit comes with multiple mounting options and two dedicated silicone diffusers.

Through extensive research and continuous refinement, in collaboration with Sony in Europe, we proudly introduce the MF12-DK1, one more all-inclusive and advanced solution for aesthetic dental photography. This comprehensive dental flash system includes all the accessories required for dental photography, offering an all-in-one solution to address almost every possible lighting challenge in dental photography.

Sony Europe
In collaboration with Sony in Europe, Godox has developed the MF-R76S+ dental ring flash and the MF12-DK1 dental flash system, both seamlessly integrated with Sony cameras such as A6400, A7M4, A7R5, and ZV-E10, and are well-paired with the Sony macro lens FE90MM (SEL90M28G). For dentists seeking enhanced precision in lighting adjustments, the MF12-DK1 serves as the ideal tool to unlock a broader range of possibilities and tackle more challenging dental photography tasks.
Tested by renowned dentist and Sony & Godox Ambassador – Alessandro Devigus, the dental flash system provids the highest level of assurance and reliability for dental photography.

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